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The Advantages And Uses Of Video Surveillance

In the old days, surveillance and security meant deploying a team of trained personnel to watch over an area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Monitoring was usually done in groups, with each group manning the area on 8 hours shifts. However, this was not practical and was very expensive to implement.

In this age of continuous development, technology has helped to improve safety and security significantly. People today are lucky enough to live in a time where video surveillance systems are installed to provide extra security features.

The systems are made up of an interlinked network of video cameras installed in different areas, which are centrally overlooked in a monitoring room. Although security personnel are still made to do their rounds, these cameras are necessary supplements that provide additional protection.

One of the main advantages to having these surveillance systems installed is their contribution to crime investigations. Since these systems often use high-resolution cameras with video recording, the footages can be used as reliable evidence.

Likewise, it also helps in the process of determining where the offender headed to right after having committed a crime. In fact, some cameras have discreet designs which are often disguised as ordinary day-to-day equipment.

Another advantage is crime prevention. A 2009 study showed that, depending on where they are located, these surveillance systems helped decrease the crime rate anywhere from about 23% to as much as 51%. Preferred locations include parking areas, public transportation, and in alleys and areas that are not frequented by the public.

Busy cities often have these cameras installed in their highly congested areas. More than a way to track down traffic violators, these systems also help motorists avoid the areas with closed roads due to heavy traffic.

Business establishments will also find them useful, since they assist in keeping an eye on their employees, making sure that the workflow is correctly observed. Similarly, factories will find these cameras of great use when monitoring the manufacturing process, especially if it involves supervision of certain activities where the conditions could be dangerous for humans.

Finally, homeowners can also benefit from video surveillance systems. The more advanced systems now come with Internet connectivity, making remote monitoring easier and more affordable. Additionally, some video cameras come with alarm systems that can be programmed to set off when abnormal movements are detected.

These, in turn, prompt the owners and provide them easy access to the footages recorded on each camera. This level of security assures each homeowner that their house is protected even when they are away.

Once again, the intricacies of technology have proven itself to be of benefit to man. Truly, people of today are lucky enough to live in a time where technology has improved and continues to improve the way of life.

Choosing The Best Filter In Air Purifiers To Battle Allergies Effectively

Both the American Lung Association and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have approved that people who suffer from allergies may find adequate relief by using air purifiers. In this article we will look at different types of air filters and rank them according to how affective they are in dealing with this persistent problem. So let’s look at all the possibilities and see for ourselves which fits the need the most:

Mechanical Filters

The most effective filters in this category are air purifiers  that utilize HEPA filters. The working mechanism of these filters is based on trapping harmful particles such as dust, mites, pet dander, pollen, and tobacco smoke, among others using a fine mesh.

However, even though the filter might help in reducing the contaminant count in breathable , even then it’s not a complete solution. The following helping tips are necessary for it to be completely effective:

  • Keep the area of your place of residence or work clean
  • Vacuum frequently
  • Replace carpets with flooring of vinyl or wood
  • Keep pets outdoors and away from your sleeping zones
  • Change bed sheets frequently and wash them with hot water
  • If possible cover your pillows and mattresses with plastic (Ouch!)

Electronic Filters

All electronic filters are able to use electrical charges to attract irritants and allergens. But the debate over here is, are they really that effective as other conventional filters? Here are the pros:

  • They are washable filters, so you don’t need to buy a new one
  • They are quite attractively priced

On the other hand, let’s look at the cons:

  • Their ability to filter air is considerably less when compared to other filters used in air purifiers
  • With years of use, they often make your room smell like a gym or a locker room, even providing an organic substrate where mold and mildew can grow over time
  • They block air more than other air filters, essentially making your conditioning system work twice as hard and many users calling for maintenance issues after prolonged use


Hybrid Filters

As the name suggests, these filters combine the advantages of both mechanical and electrostatic filters while overcoming most of their disadvantages.

Ozone Generators

Not recommended by authorities, these devices create a layer of ozone to clean air. It’s use is considered a health related concern by the American Lung Association. A device is only suitable if it can ensure high efficiency over longer periods of time and produce ozone levels not above 0.05 parts per million to be considered safe.


When it comes to fighting allergies, the best choice is to use a hybrid filter, which offers a HEPA filter and other technologies working hand in hand to ensure the best possible filtration process as possible. Another thing that buyers should focus on is the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), the higher the CADR, the faster the unit filters air.


Best Air Conditioning Units On The Market

As the temperature tends to rise by various degrees day by day, the need to find an energy efficient air conditioner with longer life span is felt by all. Whether you are looking for an air conditioner to replace the old one or you are simply buying an air conditioner for the first time, we are here to help you with both. All you have to do is follow our advice and you will get to know all about the best air conditioning units in the market.     

Are you ready to experience the coolest breeze of the best air conditioning units in the market?

Read on!

What Makes An Air Conditioner Stand Out Among The Rest?

If you are looking to buy an air conditioner, it is only natural that you will be looking for the best. The following are qualities that make an air conditioner stand out among the rest:

Air Quality

An important factor that makes an air conditioner better from others is its high quality air. It is vital for our health that the air conditioners that we install in our homes offer clean air. In order for that to happen, the air conditioners need to have good filters. The life span of the air conditioner will also be greater if the filter is of good quality.  

Energy Efficiency-Seer

Given the energy crisis, it is everybody's duty to save as much energy as possible. In order to do that, the US has introduced a minimum standard of energy efficiency for the air conditioners as well. It is a system of rating, given the name of seasonal energy efficient rating or SEER.

If you are looking to buy the best air conditioning units, choose the one with maximum stars for SEER rating since it means higher efficiency.   

Why Split?

More often than not, buyers are irritated by the hard choices they have to make while buying air conditioners. Choosing between a window AC or a Split AC is the biggest of their concerns. Let us tell you the advantages of both. While window air conditioners cost less and are often easy to install, the split models have the advantages of being more pleasing to the eye along with being less noisy. The cooling is also more suitably distributed in case of a split than a window AC. Try to choose the one that caters best to your need. 

Cooling Speed

The best air conditioners offer a moderate cooling speed. For this feature to be present in the appliance, a functional thermostat is required. Moreover, air conditioners with energy efficient settings are extremely beneficial since it allows saving of energy along with cooling that is just perfect for you.

Easy Installation

Seeking the model that causes less hassle when it comes to the installation is another important factor. However, this must not be the only deciding factor since installing a window air conditioner is easier than installing a split. This is because a split air conditioner has two components, one of which is installed inside the room and the other outside while a window model is easily fixed in a window.

Considering the qualities mentioned above, judge every model that you see in the market and decide for the one that stands out and is most suitable to your needs. You will have to work a little hard if you want to find the best air conditioning units.

Easy Tips For Heating A Swimming Pool

Have you ever wanted to use your pool, only to notice that the water was too cold? You can prevent this problem and get more out of your pool by finding ways to heat your water. Cold weather will never keep you away from your pool again.

If you're thinking of heating your pool, keep these tips in mind. They'll help you to keep the temperature of your water at a level that is comfortable. Some people are fortunate enough to have extremely hot and humid climates, and they actually require a heater that can actually chill the water. What a luxury! But for the vast majority of people a little or a lot of help is required to raise the water temperature up to an acceptable standard.

Remember the more Northern you go in the United States the colder the climate becomes. Other factors such as wind speed, low humidity and the absence of wind breakers (fence or walls close to the pool) all contribute to lowering the temperature of your water.

Start With A Cover

Whether you decide to invest in a heater or not, you'll want to make sure that your pool has a good cover. A cover will help to lock in heat that is already there, which means your water won't cool down as much on a chilly night.

Certain types of covers may actually help you to draw in more heat. For example, you can buy a solar cover that heats up your pool water with the power of the sun. Pools lose most of their heat due to evaporation. A good cover locks in the heat and makes sure a large proportion of this energy stays in your pool. There is also a secondary benefit in this. It means you wont have to burn as much gas or electricity the next time you use your pool as your heater wont have to work as hard to heat up a cold pool.

Choose The Right Heater

If you do decide to get a heater for your pool, you're going to have to make sure you make a smart choice. Look for a product that falls within your budget, and has excellent reviews from customers.

You're also going to want to make sure that the heater you get is the right size. If you have a very big pool, you may need a large heater. If your pool is on the small side, a massive heater won't be needed. Figure out what kinds of heaters are recommended for the kind of pool you have. If you want to heat a pool and a hot tub you need a heater that is capable of that including one that has the right fittings.

It also needs to be at least a 200K Btu heater if you need it for 2 water sources. Btu is the standard measurement of pool heaters. They start of at around 100K Btu for smaller units for small pools and spas, and go all the way up to 450K. This size of heater would be ideal for very large pools. It would be as close to a commercial swimming pool as you will get from a prosumer machine.

Turn The Heater Off

While keeping your heater on will keep your pool toasty, you shouldn't keep it on all the time. There's no reason to use a heater when it's already hot outside; you'll just be wasting energy.

In addition, you shouldn't run your heater if you won't be using your pool. If you only use your pool on the weekends, then keep it turned off from Monday through Thursday. Your water will take a while to be warm, but your energy bills will be a lot lower.

Heat Pump Or Gas Heater Or Solar?

There are a load of choices when it comes to finding the best pool heating solution. Many come down to pre-made choices, i.e. your climate, energy costs, gas line availability. Solar only works in warm states. Solar products are quite cheap and many only go up to the $300 limit. You can actually use a solar dome heater (modern smaller and efficient version of the larger old fashioned solar panels) during the warm months or even during the warm part of the day.

You can combine this with a heat pump or gas heater. Heat pumps are electricity powered and gas heaters use it natural gas or propane. Natural gas is cheaper than propane, but if you dont have a gas line installed you can add a propane tank on site.

If you need or want to have your heater turned on most of the day, a heat pump will probably be less expensive. Unless your temperature is below 60 degrees, then it is going to cost less on electricity than a gas heater will use in gas.

You can see some figures for the temperature of your state and a review of one of the best NG heaters here : You will also find out if your state fits into the category of needing a heat pump or gas heater. If you have bags of money to spare you could always go for all 3- solar, electricity and gas!

That way the gas heater will act fast to heat up your pool, then you switch on the solar dome, and keep the heat pump on standby. It can be set to auto turn on and off once the water temperature dips to a certain level. Cosy or what? Expensive too, well initially to buy as heat pumps can cost up to $3000 and over and gas heaters can range from $1500-$3000.


If you follow these three simple tips, it should be much easier for you to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature. Don't let bad weather keep you away from your pool. Make sure your pool water is warm even when it's chilly outside. You should be able to enjoy your pool all the time, well most of the time…

Do You Need Fake Grass For Dogs?

Every pet owner will understand the frustration that can stem from your pooch marking the same spot in your garden as his, over and over again. While this is an instinctive action from your dog, it can often spell the end for your beloved lawn.

The once lush, green and grassy area of your garden can end up patchy, balding and yellowed with just a hint of muddy which will always end up all throughout the house and over your carpets and furniture, too.

For the person who loves their garden as much as they love their dog, this dilemma is one that neednt stress you out or lead you to make rash decisions such as paving over your entire garden when there is a solution staring you right in the face.

fake grass for dogs is exactly what you would expect. It is an artificial lawn for your garden that is ideally suited to dog owners because of its durability, functionality, and low maintenance requirements.

Lets do the maths.

You will no longer need the lawn feed. You will no longer need the lawn mower or other grass-related garden tools. You wont need to be fertiliser. You wont need to pay for your lawn mower to be serviced. You wont have to have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove muddy paw prints. You won't have to spend your valuable time cleaning or cutting the grass.

Instead, youll have a cost effective solution that requires very little upkeep, and wont lose its aesthetic appeal, either. Your lawn will look great all year round, regardless of how often your dog marks their territory.

Synthetic grass replacements are realistic to touch and are kind to paws of all sizes. There wont be stones for your furry friend to dig up and chew on, sparking a panicked, frenzied trip to the vets. Your dog might currently chew on real grass, but they wont be tempted to eat this one. In addition to this, artificial lawns are durable enough to handle stronger, more playful dogs, too.

Making an investment in your garden is just like making an investment in your family and your pet, too. With an extended life expectancy compared to a traditional lawn which will need a lot of tender love and care, your fake lawn will be around for the duration.

If that wasnt enough, its perfectly suited for use in kennels, dog runs and even for use with doggy training facilities. If its good enough for Crufts, its good enough for your dog!

With a quick and easy method for cleaning your puppy friendly garden, as well as an easy to maintain appearance and a great aesthetic, there really is no comparison when it comes to ensuring your garden looks great all year round!

A Guesthouse In The Isle Of Skye With A Great View

This self-build property is owned by Andreas Adalian, who wanted a home in Scotland that could also serve as a guesthouse. He envisioned it to be a modern yet cosy dwelling taking full advantage of the views from the inside. The ambiance was intended to be serene and relaxing. Andreas sought the help of Skye-based architect Rural Design for its development.

The core idea of the construction was to mix the old with the new. That was why Andreas had asked for the floors to be done with traditional oak and for the living area to include an open fire. The home has a total of five bedrooms and has the structure of a 1.75-storey building, which is different from Skye's classic house style of one-and-a-half storeys. It's primarily made of timber frame, consisting of rendered blockwork and untreated larch cladding. The roof is designed with a slate-effect Marley Eternit fibre cement sheet.

Andres specifically intended that all possible views be fully enjoyed inside. Guests would be able to gaze at the mountains of Harris and Loch Dunvegan towards the north, while they'd have an equally picturesque view of Cuillin Mountains towards the south. Full-sized windows enable such sights in the bedrooms on the upper floor. On the ground level, an extensive glazing of both bedroom and living areas totally provides a panorama of the landscape.

Against the back of the house rests a black-stained timber single-storey lean-to. Here is where ancillary spaces such as the toilets and the kitchen are located. Meanwhile, the oak floors and timber beams allow the living areas to strike a balance between cosy and traditional. In order that the house stays warm, radiators and underfloor heating are fuelled by a Worcester, Bosch Group LPG gas boiler. The house thoroughly incorporates high levels of insulation, and tap water is heated with the help two solar thermal panels.

The house has two staircases leading to the upper floor, where there are a guestroom and a separate suite. The main one is situated in the hallway, while the other is accessed privately from a pocket door at the entrance. That raises a thought why not replace one of those staircases with an air powered lift?

Futuristic lifts available from operate on innovative vacuum technology, which is why they'd make a stunning addition to any home. They're energy efficient, safe to use, simple and easy to install. Not only are they more convenient compared to stairs but also, they take up less space. They're easy on the legs and would greatly benefit the elderly, disabled or those who need assistance in climbing steps.

These air powered elevators are called futuristic for a reason. Their transparent outer tube design enables them function as any other window, except they provide a full 360-degree view. Their clean, cutting-edge look would make quite an impression to guests at a home. Imagine how enjoyable having one would be in house like AndreasÕs, especially with such stunning surroundings? 'All our visitors are taken aback by this ambience,' he says. Surely, a lift like these would only enhance such ambience.

The Best Tips For Staging Homes

Selling your home in the real estate market is not that hard, especially when your home matches the prospective buyers needs. One of the few ways to prepare your home for sale is to know home designs that appeal to buyers. Of course, there may be other factors that will affect the buyers decision, such as location, community, security, etc.

In addition, staging your home is important since this is how you will convince buyers to buy your home. Below are a few tips and tricks on how you can stage your home so it can be appealing to buyers:

Remember: the bigger, the better Generally, people want to live in homes which are big enough for them. Make your home appear to be bigger by placing mirrors on walls. Paint your walls the same color as your drapery so it will seem that you have more space in your home. Do this also for adjacent rooms. If you have a sun porch, paint it green so it will reflect the color of the nature (which will make it even more inviting to buyers).

Remove clutter to create more space and to have a cleaner look. Remove old furniture or replace them with new ones. It may not be easy since it may require using temporary storage or a friends vacant space. However, it will be worth the investment since removing clutter will make your home more spacious and research has shown that spacious homes are more appealing to potential buyers.

Get a move-on on those repairs Fix those large cracks on your walls and replace broken floorboards since these will definitely turn off buyers. After all, these repairs will cost less than what buyers might deduct once you start negotiating for the price. It is also for your own safety, since these broken floorboards can cause injury if you are walking carelessly. Real estate sites like also have great articles about what needs to be fixed to entice buyers.

Turn spare rooms into functional spaces If you have a spare room in your home, turn it into a reading room by refurbishing it or by simply placing an armchair, a table, and lamp. If you want, you can turn it into a yoga spot by placing a carpet, a drape fabric, and a few pillows. This will add value to your home and may potentially increase the amount of your asking price.

Let there be light Research has shown that buyers love rooms which are properly illuminated. Hence, paint your rooms with light-colored paint and open up the window shades to let the sun shine brightly in your room.

Clean out your closet Clear your closets since buyers look for homes that have enough storage space. It is also practical since you will be clearing them anyway once the buyers move in.

Make use of artwork Entice potential buyers to explore the house by placing something that is pleasing to the eye, such as artworks, flowers, figurines, paintings, various curios, etc.

Get rid of stinky odors If you have pets, make sure that the carpets and rooms are free from unpleasant pet odors since these may negatively affect the buyers decision. Unused spaces may also gather mold and mildew, so do a thorough sweep to ensure that they are odor-free.

The bottom line is: You just have to imagine that you are the buyer. Think about what you want in a home. This way, itll be easier for you to stage your home.