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The Best Tips For Staging Homes

Selling your home in the real estate market is not that hard, especially when your home matches the prospective buyers needs. One of the few ways to prepare your home for sale is to know home designs that appeal to buyers. Of course, there may be other factors that will affect the buyers decision, such as location, community, security, etc.

In addition, staging your home is important since this is how you will convince buyers to buy your home. Below are a few tips and tricks on how you can stage your home so it can be appealing to buyers:

Remember: the bigger, the better Generally, people want to live in homes which are big enough for them. Make your home appear to be bigger by placing mirrors on walls. Paint your walls the same color as your drapery so it will seem that you have more space in your home. Do this also for adjacent rooms. If you have a sun porch, paint it green so it will reflect the color of the nature (which will make it even more inviting to buyers).

Remove clutter to create more space and to have a cleaner look. Remove old furniture or replace them with new ones. It may not be easy since it may require using temporary storage or a friends vacant space. However, it will be worth the investment since removing clutter will make your home more spacious and research has shown that spacious homes are more appealing to potential buyers.

Get a move-on on those repairs Fix those large cracks on your walls and replace broken floorboards since these will definitely turn off buyers. After all, these repairs will cost less than what buyers might deduct once you start negotiating for the price. It is also for your own safety, since these broken floorboards can cause injury if you are walking carelessly. Real estate sites like also have great articles about what needs to be fixed to entice buyers.

Turn spare rooms into functional spaces If you have a spare room in your home, turn it into a reading room by refurbishing it or by simply placing an armchair, a table, and lamp. If you want, you can turn it into a yoga spot by placing a carpet, a drape fabric, and a few pillows. This will add value to your home and may potentially increase the amount of your asking price.

Let there be light Research has shown that buyers love rooms which are properly illuminated. Hence, paint your rooms with light-colored paint and open up the window shades to let the sun shine brightly in your room.

Clean out your closet Clear your closets since buyers look for homes that have enough storage space. It is also practical since you will be clearing them anyway once the buyers move in.

Make use of artwork Entice potential buyers to explore the house by placing something that is pleasing to the eye, such as artworks, flowers, figurines, paintings, various curios, etc.

Get rid of stinky odors If you have pets, make sure that the carpets and rooms are free from unpleasant pet odors since these may negatively affect the buyers decision. Unused spaces may also gather mold and mildew, so do a thorough sweep to ensure that they are odor-free.

The bottom line is: You just have to imagine that you are the buyer. Think about what you want in a home. This way, itll be easier for you to stage your home.