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The Advantages And Uses Of Video Surveillance

In the old days, surveillance and security meant deploying a team of trained personnel to watch over an area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Monitoring was usually done in groups, with each group manning the area on 8 hours shifts. However, this was not practical and was very expensive to implement.

In this age of continuous development, technology has helped to improve safety and security significantly. People today are lucky enough to live in a time where video surveillance systems are installed to provide extra security features.

The systems are made up of an interlinked network of video cameras installed in different areas, which are centrally overlooked in a monitoring room. Although security personnel are still made to do their rounds, these cameras are necessary supplements that provide additional protection.

One of the main advantages to having these surveillance systems installed is their contribution to crime investigations. Since these systems often use high-resolution cameras with video recording, the footages can be used as reliable evidence.

Likewise, it also helps in the process of determining where the offender headed to right after having committed a crime. In fact, some cameras have discreet designs which are often disguised as ordinary day-to-day equipment.

Another advantage is crime prevention. A 2009 study showed that, depending on where they are located, these surveillance systems helped decrease the crime rate anywhere from about 23% to as much as 51%. Preferred locations include parking areas, public transportation, and in alleys and areas that are not frequented by the public.

Busy cities often have these cameras installed in their highly congested areas. More than a way to track down traffic violators, these systems also help motorists avoid the areas with closed roads due to heavy traffic.

Business establishments will also find them useful, since they assist in keeping an eye on their employees, making sure that the workflow is correctly observed. Similarly, factories will find these cameras of great use when monitoring the manufacturing process, especially if it involves supervision of certain activities where the conditions could be dangerous for humans.

Finally, homeowners can also benefit from video surveillance systems. The more advanced systems now come with Internet connectivity, making remote monitoring easier and more affordable. Additionally, some video cameras come with alarm systems that can be programmed to set off when abnormal movements are detected.

These, in turn, prompt the owners and provide them easy access to the footages recorded on each camera. This level of security assures each homeowner that their house is protected even when they are away.

Once again, the intricacies of technology have proven itself to be of benefit to man. Truly, people of today are lucky enough to live in a time where technology has improved and continues to improve the way of life.


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