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Reasons Why The Clear Flow Hoses Are The Best Lightweight Garden Hoses

Many people have recently learned that Clear Flow is the manufacturer of the best lightweight garden hose a homeowner can get. This article looks at why this is so.

Features Of A Good Lightweight Garden Hose

Even though a regular hose is enough to help you water plants in your garden, you should know that there are better alternatives. The most highly regarded among garden hoses is the one from Clear Flow. Many people consider it as the best garden hose they have ever used. The following are the reasons they provide.

1. Lightweight

The hose comes in 4 different lengths: 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet. With the 100 feet version weighing in at less than 3 pounds, you can see just how lightweight these hoses are as well as the implications.

For starters, they are much easier to carry around when watering various portions of the garden and lawn. They are not troublesome to change positions and can lighten your workload. Since they are lightweight, you never have to worry about causing damage to plants and shrubs. This is in contrast to regular hoses that can damage plants extensively.

2. Storage & Portability

The hoses have a diameter of 5/8 of an inch. They also remain flat when not in use. They are expandable hoses that grow to full diameter when water is flowing within them. They are also self-draining meaning that water does not remain within and add to the weight.

This translates to better portability of this lightweight garden hose and you can therefore easily lend it to neighbors and friends when they are in need of a garden hose. They are fat which means that you do not require too much space for storage. You can use the space to store other gardening tools.

3. No Leakage

If you are used to regular hoses then you probably understand that leakage is an unpleasant fact. You probably accept that some water will flow out from the faucet. However, with the Clear Flow garden hoses, this is not the case. They have heavy-duty fittings to ensure that water flows from the faucet into the hose and not outside.

4. Kink-Free

The Clear Flow hoses are kink free. So long as there is water flowing through the hose, it will keep on flowing. The material used in the manufacture of these hoses does not suddenly cause blockages unlike in the regular rubber hoses. This leads to stress-free watering of your plants.

5. Durable & Tough

If you currently use a rubber hose, you know that you will eventually wind up with damage that will necessitate purchase of a new one. However, with the Clear Flow garden hose you can expect it to last for a long time to come. The manufacturer expects it too since it comes with a 10-year warranty.


If you were on the search for the best lightweight garden hose then you will find that the Clear Flow is the hose of choice due to the reasons provided in this article. All that remains is to get your Clear Flow garden hose and get to watering.


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