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Rain Shower Heads For A Soothing Shower

No feeling can be better than the feeling of falling raindrops over your head. The exceptional feeling of falling drops can be further enchanting when the raindrops embrace your whole body. While ordinary shower heads spray water on you through a narrow head with a diagonal angle, rain shower heads gush water down from the above. With the warmth of the feeling of rainfall, you can be able to start a fresh and relaxed day.

What exactly are rain shower heads?

These shower heads engineered in such a way to sprinkle water on you both in stormy rain mode and water saving mode. Generally these heads are round shaped. These have thin holes through which water falls on your head smoothly and evenly. Integration of advanced mechanisms produces droplets like that of original rainfall. Adding to these common settings, there are some advanced settings which give randomized rain experience. Rain massage, spa experience and water saving mode are some of the settings available with the shower heads.

The feeling is perpetual- A cut above other shower heads

It covers your whole body

Unlike other shower heads, you dont need to run under the shower heads to get yourself wet. It gives you full coverage and allows you to have a great shower time. You feel relaxed unlike ever.

Great style of the shower heads tempts you to take a shower whenever you desire

The style of each shower head is unique. Your bathroom looks like a lavish bathroom that you see in movies and find in five-star hotels. Who doesnt want to take a shower in his/her million dollar bathroom!

Multiple options for multiple choices

With advanced technology, you can change the shower patterns of your shower heads. Different spraying patterns indicate your mood and choices. When you feel like having a strong shower, you can switch on the drenching rain mode. When you are in a stress mode and you want to take a shower, you can take the economical mode. When you are struggling with your stiff muscles, you can turn on the massage mode and the stiffness goes away like that.

Choosing shower heads that suit you and fit your needs

Size and quality

You can choose the bigger discs to provide you bigger coverage area. Generally 8 and 10 shower heads are available to meet your needs. You dont need to prefer the branded heads always. You can go through the user reviews to pick the best.

Style and spray settings

The Style of the shower heads should be commensurate with the design of your bathroom. You can choose the shower heads with multiple settings to switch between different modes.

Final points

Options are endless. You need to pick the ones that meet your desires and fit your bathroom fixtures.

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