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Hvac Ductwork: The Friendly And Important Monster That Hides In Your House

Fenton River Heating and Plumbing has been installing central heating and air conditioning systems in Mansfield, Connecticut homes for some time now. They are a device that has really made your life very convenient by allowing you to control your all-important central heating and air conditioning functions from one convenient location in your house. It is so convenient that many times you set the temperature where you like it and you may not have to set it again for months. As a matter of fact, except for the few vent covers that are mounted in the floor or on the wall, there are really no signs that this beast is all around you silently making your life more comfortable. Here are a few facts about HVAC ductwork.

It is Bigger than you Think

There is a lot of HVAC ductwork that is hidden in the walls, floors and ceilings of your home; a lot more than most people think. It literally takes 100s of meters of ductwork to connect the central heating and air unit to all the places in the house that need to be heated and cooled. How complicated does this make the installation? The installation of this has to be so precise in order to work properly and not take up too much space that there is actually an HVAC design that is done before the installation of it takes place in your house. These designs are what help the system do its important functions yet hide it at the same time.

Making the Air Quality in your House Better

Think of your HVAC ductwork as the lungs of your house and we all know what will happen if you cant take in and filter the air that we breathe; that is exactly what the functions of your HVAC ductwork do, taking in and filtering air. There is usually at least one filter that will be present on your system; it will be located behind a large wall vent that allows easy access because it needs to be replaced on a regular basis. This filter has the important job of getting the contaminants out of the air that is constantly being circulated around your house. It will remove such things as dust, animal dander, pollen and other allergens to insure that you and your family have quality air to breathe on a regular basis.

A Complex Comfort Distribution Network

Heating and cooling would do you no good if there was not a means to get the cool and warm air to where it makes you and the other occupants in your home comfortable. That is another function of the HVAC ductwork; it is the transportation highway that gets the warm or cool air where it needs to go. This can be done with simple passive ductwork or much more complicated HVAC ductwork that contains all sorts of valves to precisely control where the warm and cool air does and does not go.

So despite the fact that there is a monster in the form of your important HVAC ductwork hiding throughout your house; it is a friendly monster that makes your life healthier and more comfortable.


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