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How to Sell Your House after a Job Relocation

When relocating for a new job, selling your house is the first priority. Usually you will need the money from the sale of your current home to purchase a new home in the city of your new employment. It might be difficult to know the time it will take when you advertise your house for sale to a final closing. However, you will be able to know how to sell your house after a job relocation faster by adhering to the following guidelines:

1. Get Ready to Sell

The initial thing to do is to identify the repair issues which require fixing. When your house is in good physical condition you will be able to sell your house faster and the new buyer will be better able to get financing from a traditional housing lender.

2. Pricing your House at the Right Price

The number one reason for a house not selling, or taking many months to sell, is over pricing it from the beginning. The best way to succeed is to look at the prices of similar houses which were sold recently and compare them to your house. These are called comparable sales. They are similar houses that have similar features and amenities. A frequently used common denominator is the price per square foot.

Usually you will have to consult with a realtor to obtain the comparable sales figures because they are one of the few industry groups that has access to the information on the Multiple Listing Service. Another option is to contact a professional real estate investor for a price quote. Usually they will offer a price below market because they are paying all cash to purchase your home. And often a professional home buyer will buy a house in as-is condition and make the repairs after closing.

3. Take High Quality Photos of Your House

The photo shoot should be done for both the inside and outside of the house. In fact, you should focus on the kitchen and bathrooms because those rooms are of great interest to potential house buyers. Moreover, use the photos to draw attention to the interesting architectural features and other design elements.

4. Don't Sell, Rent

A homeowner can generate income from a currently owned house by renting it either short or long term. This can be done by listing the house on VRBO vacation rental. Alternatively, AIRBNB can help generate rental income from short term renters. Renting requires time and effort to manage a property and the tenant. Realistically this option is only feasible for a small percentage of people who must relocate.

5. Sell to a Professional Home Buyer

Every major city in the United States has a group of professional real estate investors that purchase unwanted houses. There are numerous advantages to this approach including no 6% realtor fee, no required repairs, and an all cash sale. In addition, the property owner can sell the house quickly because there are no inspections required. The home buyer will conduct the due diligence and any inspections that he or she deems necessary.


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