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How The Experts Use Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

A well-lit kitchen not only makes it more appealing but also makes kitchen tasks easier to carry out. There are three basic types of kitchen lighting, which are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Moreover, one way to create ambiance for your kitchen and make kitchen tasks easier to do is to have a well-placed under-cabinet kitchen lighting.

There is a wide range of under-cabinet lights to choose from, and the great thing about them is that they are easy to install. Your choices include rope lighting, puck lights, tape lights, and bar lights; they can be either connected to your power outlet or run on batteries. But, when you are not sure about installing the lights by yourself because you have concerns regarding handling electrical items, you may choose battery-powered lighting.

Known for their versatility, puck lights can be used to make pooling light highlighting specific areas on your countertop. Moreover, they are an excellent choice for night lights when you go for a midnight refrigerator raid. Different types of puck lights include xenon, halogen, and LED.

Moreover, rope lighting and tape lighting function efficiently as runners along the entire length of your under-cabinets; they are a source of low-level light, helping you find your way in the dark or reinforcing the overhead lighting scheme. In terms of color, white is the most popular, although if you are adventurous, you can use different accent colors. Lighting bars, on the other hand, work well as a source of bright light. They illuminate a bigger area than puck lights and are not as low-level and drawn out as tape and rope lights.

You can have all these styles in the form of LED lighting, which is more energy efficient and lasts longer than traditional bulbs. In addition, since it is programmable and easily controlled, you can be more experimental with it. You can even get fixtures with motion sensors, so you can be assured that you do not leave the under-cabinet lighting on when your kitchen is empty.

When remodelling your kitchen or opting for replacement kitchen doors then lighting is a major consideration. Under-cabinet kitchen lighting is one of the important things you should introduce in your new or remodelled kitchen. They both cater to the aesthetic and functional aspects of your kitchen, which should be your primary consideration. Moreover, installing the lights can be a rewarding activity, especially when you see the result of your work.


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