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Do You Need Fake Grass For Dogs?

Every pet owner will understand the frustration that can stem from your pooch marking the same spot in your garden as his, over and over again. While this is an instinctive action from your dog, it can often spell the end for your beloved lawn.

The once lush, green and grassy area of your garden can end up patchy, balding and yellowed with just a hint of muddy which will always end up all throughout the house and over your carpets and furniture, too.

For the person who loves their garden as much as they love their dog, this dilemma is one that neednt stress you out or lead you to make rash decisions such as paving over your entire garden when there is a solution staring you right in the face.

fake grass for dogs is exactly what you would expect. It is an artificial lawn for your garden that is ideally suited to dog owners because of its durability, functionality, and low maintenance requirements.

Lets do the maths.

You will no longer need the lawn feed. You will no longer need the lawn mower or other grass-related garden tools. You wont need to be fertiliser. You wont need to pay for your lawn mower to be serviced. You wont have to have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove muddy paw prints. You won't have to spend your valuable time cleaning or cutting the grass.

Instead, youll have a cost effective solution that requires very little upkeep, and wont lose its aesthetic appeal, either. Your lawn will look great all year round, regardless of how often your dog marks their territory.

Synthetic grass replacements are realistic to touch and are kind to paws of all sizes. There wont be stones for your furry friend to dig up and chew on, sparking a panicked, frenzied trip to the vets. Your dog might currently chew on real grass, but they wont be tempted to eat this one. In addition to this, artificial lawns are durable enough to handle stronger, more playful dogs, too.

Making an investment in your garden is just like making an investment in your family and your pet, too. With an extended life expectancy compared to a traditional lawn which will need a lot of tender love and care, your fake lawn will be around for the duration.

If that wasnt enough, its perfectly suited for use in kennels, dog runs and even for use with doggy training facilities. If its good enough for Crufts, its good enough for your dog!

With a quick and easy method for cleaning your puppy friendly garden, as well as an easy to maintain appearance and a great aesthetic, there really is no comparison when it comes to ensuring your garden looks great all year round!


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