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Diy Troubleshooting Tips For Your Air Conditioner

When the heat is unbearable, and your A/C suddenly decides to take a break during the peak of summer, you must come up with a swift solution. Even though a lot of air conditioner problems need an experts help, average homeowners can fix some of the usual home air conditioner problems on their own.

The A/C is Not Running

If your A/Cs condenser is not running, inspect the power to ensure that you have plugged the unit into the electrical outlet. Once you see it is plugged in, inspect for a blown fuse or perhaps a tripped breaker. Turn back on the power and check if it will now start.

Another likely cause is not setting the thermostat right. Lower the setting on your thermostat by around five degrees and check if it starts working. If nothing happens, you have a faulty compressor or motor. You require the services of an expert to fix this issue.

Insufficient Air Cooling

If you notice that your homes central A/C unit is not cooling your home sufficiently, adjust the thermostat five degrees lower. If your air conditioner problem persists, suspect a filthy evaporator. Clean the evaporator carefully and allow it to run for several hours. If the problem is still there, it only means that you do not have the right A/C size.

Remember that a very hot day can significantly affect your A/C units efficiency. If outside temperatures reach 100 degrees or over, it is likely impossible for your A/C to maintain a 62-degree coolness inside your house regardless of the amount of cold air it blows. Another factor is a home that has many windows that allow the sunlight to penetrate inside. Always discuss your concerns with an industry expert before deciding if your homes current A/C needs replacement especially if the weather is also unusually hot.

A/C Runs but does not Cool

If you have a running A/C but it is not capable of cooling your home anymore, the first thing you need to inspect is still the thermostat. Then, inspect the units condenser. Is it filthy or blocked? If it is, clean it first and get rid of the obstructions. Tall grass, weeds, or similar airborne debris can block your condenser.

If theres still no cool air coming out of your cooling unit, it is likely the result of insufficient refrigerant levels in the system or a faulty compressor. Hence, hire an expert to take a look at these issues and solve it for you.

A/C Unit Constantly Turns On and Off

This one is another air conditioner problem that is a result of a blocked or filthy condenser unit or evaporator. Mostly, cleaning the entire unit and taking off all the blockage can solve the problem.

When to Ask for the Help of an HVAC Expert

You can clean your A/C by yourself as long as you have basic knowledge of the various parts of the system. But whenever you face issues with the coolant, it calls for an expert HVAC contractor. And if you also performed some basic troubleshooting, and the situation is still the same, call for the reliable HVAC contractor in your area right away.


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