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Are You Safe From A House Intrusion

A house invasion essentially is a break-in that strikes while you and your household are home, or this could likewise take place when you're not. Most aggressors when attempting an invasion choose to acquire entry by method of breaking down your door ... this is frequently known as a (Kick Door) Theft. Considering most households disarm their alarm systems while they are at home, house invaders know less than three kicks and one minute is all it takes to break through the typical domestic door protected with a deadbolt.

This is precisely why thieves perform a (Kick Door) Robbery to gain entry in 50% of home robberies. When you relax and think you and your family are home and safe yet could end up being unwary victims, with your family and possessions as the primary targets... it's scary!

Once you're inside your home the doors are locked, are you truly safe? With crime on the rise, your home must be your shelter, your protection for your whole family. Having busy schedules and long lists of priorities, your home protection must be on the top priority list.

These are the FBI's findings on robberies:

Meaning: Theft as the illegal entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft. Categories: There are 3. Forcible entry, Illegal entry where no force is made use of and attempted forcible entry

Definition of "structure" consists of, home, barn, home trailer or houseboat when made use of as a long-term home, workplace, railway car (but not vehicle), steady, and vessel (i.e., ship).

In 2006, there were an approximated 2,183,746 theft offenses.

1. Theft represented 21.9 % of the estimated number of property criminal offenses.

2. Robbery offenses cost victims an estimated $4 billion.

3. The typical dollar loss per break-in offense was $1,834.

4. Of the break-in offenses 66.2 % were of residential properties.

The FBI says every 12 seconds a house is broken into by going right through the front or back door.

Sources: FBI Uniform Criminal activity Report, Bureau of Justice Statistics and U.S. Department of Justice.

House Alarms Purpose

An alarm hinders a house intruder, notifying you a house invader has either attempted or effectively entered your home. Alarms can not stop a house intruder, who has actually already targeted your house with the intent of utilizing physical force to get in.

Video Surveillance Function

A home monitoring system can potentially deter a home intruder, with recordings and potentially video capture images. Video monitoring systems can not stop a home invader, who has already targeted your home with the intent of utilizing physical force to get in.

Steel Door Armor Function

Steel Door Armor stops a house intruder from getting in at all, and offers you and your family time to alert authorities or to make an alternate escape.

Specialists Suggestion

" If the main locks on your doors are entry locksets, and they're working fine, there's probably little to get by replacing them. None of the entry locksets managed fantastic defense, not even top-rated ones. If you want to make your doors more safe, start by intensifying the hardware in their door jambs.".

If you would like help in properly securing your home from home intrusion, contact the best locksmith near me in Atlanta. We can help with all of your lock and security needs, and specialize in protecting your home from all unwanted intruders.


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