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5 Home Improvement Projects That Will Transform Your Life

There are many projects that can make a significant difference to your house and home, and in fact your life. Here we talk about some not so cheap projects that are all worth doing, for those that have a little extra cash.

Each project was chosen because of their ability to completely transform your everyday life.

  • Loft Conversion
  • This is a big project and you can expect the entire complete job to cost around £30,000 for your average 3-4 bed semi detached house. A loft conversion can easily add 15% on the value of your home, so if your 3-4 bed semi is in the right location you're quids in.

    Having an entire floor of extra space, in a two storey house add 50% to the amount of floor space that you already have. You're not just converting the loft for an extra bedroom, you are creating a complete self contained living area. The only thing you are less likely to put in your loft is an additional kitchen.

    There is enough space for a good sized double bedroom, open plan living area and an en-suite or separate bathroom. If you need that much more space and can't afford the £150,000 plus to move home then this is a great option. The extra space is transformational to your living.

  • Garage Storage Solution
  • We all have clutter somewhere. If you have a drive and a garage then the vast majority of people store all their rarely used items in the garage and the car sits on the drive. Over the years, the garage becomes a no go area. Hours spent looking for things you may never find can be depressing as well as wasteful.

    A complete garage makeover, with a company like Garagetek UK, will transform your garage into a completely new room. Many people choose to remodel their entire garage, wall to wall, with storage cabinets, workbenches, bike racks, gardening hooks and the like. The floor can be tiled or completed with a resin finish and the entire central area can still be used for the car or as an exercise gym.

    Budget around £7000 for a complete garage makeover it will change the way you think about your garage forever.

  • Conservatory Installation
  • Adding an extra room directly onto your home gives you so many new options for living that it is often a wonder why everyone has not already done it. Most people that have a conservatory spend the majority of their free time either in it or in the kitchen next to it.

    The warmth and extra light you get all year round can boost your levels of Vitamin D and also help stave of Sunlight Acquired deficiency (SAD) a real illness that impacts the lives of many people in the UK.

    A well installed professional DIY conservatory, one that you build yourself or with a very handy DIY friend, will cost you around £5000. Once you have one, you'll wonder why it took you so long to get it.

  • Landscape Your Garden
  • If your garden is a jungle, unkempt, rustic or just a mess, then having it professionally landscaped will give you years of pleasure you just didn't know existed. The garden has long been recognised as one of the most relaxing and pleasurable additions you can have in your home.

    As well as time spent on the upkeep, the regular connection to nature is so important for day to day living. It can make you calmer, lower your heart rate, blood pressure and help you live longer.

    Expect to pay around £4000 for a top quality and well finished medium sized landscaped garden.

    Watch this video on Garden Landscape Design

  • Kitchen Makeover
  • Considering how much time we spend in our kitchen, not just cooking but socialising, relaxing and just being, a complete kitchen makeover can be one of the most well spent investments you will make.

    Kitchen makeover companies like thedoormaker can transform your kitchen by replacing the doors and drawer fronts. A new kitchen can set you back just a few thousand pounds with a professional makeover.

    And once you've made the change, it will look and feel like a brand new kitchen, at a fraction of the cost.

    All of these projects are transforming, changing not just your life, but your home as well.


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